Z500 Series LCD Displays

BN2 LCD Digital Readout


Z500 series of EZ TECH DRO Counters offer multiple different types of LCD display options for both 2- and 3-axis milling and lathe machines, including Bluetooth capability.

Item Number Description
Z520M LCD Display for 2-Axis Milling
Z530M LCD Display for 3-Axis Milling
Z540M LCD Display for 4-Axis Milling
Z520L LCD Display for 2-Axis Lathe
Z520BL LCD Display for 2-Axis Lathe, Bluetooth



  • 7" TFT screen for displaying four axis of sensor signal input.
  • Programming with the assistance of 2D graph and simulation demonstration.
  • Easy and friendly operation interface, personalized background supporting arbitrary combination of 7 colors.
  • Data transport by Bluetooth, synchronous display with smart terminals, for the application of multi-windows interactive operation in large equipments.
  • 5MHz sampling frequency for each axis of sensor signal inputs.
  • I/O ports for programmable inching control.
TypeFunction nameFor milling machines and boring millsFor lathesFor grindersFor EDM
Feedbackconnection to EIA-422A signals
linear axis6323
rotating axis2000
linear compensation
multi-point compensation200404040
Display7" color TFT screen
number of axis4/6323
radius/diameter display
half vaule display
mm/inch conversion
fine/coarse resolution conversion
absolute/relative display conversion
display off
Functionsnumber of zero points200200200200
number of tools50
axis preset
quick setup
centering workplace
bolt holes drilling along the circumference
linear bolt holes drilling
grid pattern drilling
find zero point
angle measuring
slope calculation
axial processing
transverse processing
on-screen guided help with graphics
inclined plane machining
smooth R cutting for arc-shaped surface
digital filtering for de-wobbling
gradual rectangular lumen processing
taper measuring
matching output
storage or zero points
storage of multi-workpiece programs
data transport by 485 bus
analog signal output port1
digital signal I/O port
data transport by Bluetooth
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