4-Jaw Self Centering Scroll Chuck – Flatback

4-Jaw Square Chuck


These chucks have jaws that are operated on a scroll. Not to be confused with four jaw independent chucks.

Caution: Jaws can not be operated separately.


Model Size D D1 D2 D3 H H1 h Z-d Jaw Type Weight
70545"5.1183.9374.5281.1813.3862.3620.1383-M8 Solid Jaws
18 lbs
70646"6.2995.1185.5901.5753.7402.5590.1973-M8 Solid Jaws
22 lbs
7064R6"6.2995.1185.5901.5754.2912.5590.1973-M8 Top Reversible Jaws
22 lbs
70848"7.8746.4967.0872.5594.2912.9530.197 3-M10 Solid Jaws
34 lbs
7084R8"7.8746.4967.0872.5594.8032.9530.197 3-M10 Top Reversible Jaws
34 lbs
710410"9.8438.1108.8983.1504.7243.1500.197 3-M12 Solid Jaws
58 lbs
7104R10"9.8438.1108.8983.1505.3543.1500.197 3-M12 Top Reversible Jaws
51 lbs
7124R12"12.79510.70911.6543.9376.6733.7800.472 3-M16Top Reversible Jaws
104 lbs
7154R15"14.96112.79513.7805.3156.7523.8580.236 3-M16Top Reversible Jaws
140 lbs
7204R20"19.68517.32318.3078.2687.9534.5280.236 3-M16Top Reversible Jaws
265 lbs
7254R25"24.80322.04723.42510.6308.5825.2560.276 3-M16Top Reversible Jaws
467 lbs
Weight N/A



Jaw Number

Supplied With

2 Sets of Hard Jaws (1 internal and 1 external) or Top Reversible Jaws, Mounting Screws, T-Wrench

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